Friday, November 1, 2013

Faking it!

From right to left, a Mr. Robot Penguin, A Robertson from Duck Dynasty, and an Ugly Duckling That's actually cute and adorable!

Phew!  It's finally over!

Now, it's time to start the preparations for the real Holidays!

You know, when I was a bitty dobber meself, I never once took into consideration all the shiz that parents go through to make all these holiday things special and memorable.

I mean, we spend hours and hours thinking up all these fun little things to do with our brats, then we drop all this money to make it happen, and then what?

90% of the time all our planning goes kersplunk! 


Well, because the brats have a mind of their own that's why! 

They know what they like and want to do, and what they like and want to do doesn't necessarily match up with what you would like them to like and want to do.

For instance, maybe you'd want your brats to get along for five minutes so you could photograph them together in their halloween costumes.  "It'd be cute" you tell them.

Nope.  Doesn't Matter.  Not Happening.

So, instead of having a nice photo of the brats loving each other heading a blog post, you now have a lame banner of the two brats by themselves and a selfie of you in the center to make it look like one big happy family.  And, of course, there is no Mama Bear in the banner because by the time you think up stuff that you want to post she has already gone to work.  


For the experienced parents, you know that is just how it is, and you have to sneak your small victorious moments in there when you can.

And then, you notice that the photo you were going to use of your brat looking all victorious actually has your other brat photo bombing it with his naked bum because you can't get him to keep his pants on for five freaking minutes!  

Ok, no problem, a little editing and now it's a photo of one brat looking awesomely victorious with a black bar on his brother's rear.  
Photo is now totally usable.  

Victory is mine...kind of.

I guess there is a life lesson in there hidden somewhere.

Not the tired old "You gotta role with the punches" or "turn lemons into lemonade" kind, but more like "If you don't know what you're doing, fake it."

Afterall, that's what we're all doing anyway.


  1. Yo.. that's one mean beard ya got sportin' there mate! good work.

    1. Thanks man! It's amazing what months of sheer laziness will do for you. :) Truthfully, I stop trimming it July 1st so it's ready for the christmas season.