Monday, July 14, 2014

My Top Five Things I Want My Brats to Know!

The best part about the internet is anonymity.  You get to read status updates, blog posts, comments on news articles, or any number of things from the comfort of your own home and can leave comments with a smug sense of superiority without ever having to face your victims.  

It's great!

And, if you want, you can even start your own blog, like me or any number of people, and feed your need to feel important and relevant, while telling yourself you're only blogging to keep your brain active.  :-)

(Yes!  That is exactly what I tell myself whenever I write up a quick post.)

Anyway, every once in awhile you'll write something that means something to someone, and I'd like today's post to do that.

I have read a lot of posts by other bloggers that contains a list of things that boys need to know about being men and girls need to know about being women, but they all fall short, just as mine will.

What I Want My Brats To know!

1.) Don't ever mistake the proclivity to perform violent acts for manliness!!

As I watch prime time television and the news and watch movies, I notice that there is a recurring theme that just saddens me to my core, and that theme is a glorification of violence.  

Well, maybe glorification is the incorrect word, but there definitely seems to be an emphasis on violence being manly.  It's not!

I would argue that it is the antithesis of being manly because if anything it is completely childish, selfish, and even cowardly.

It takes more courage to practice self-restraint, show compassion, and express yourself in words than to commit violent acts, so if you want to be "manly," do that instead

2.) Use your words wisely and humanely

That old adage, "Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me," is false.

Words can absolutely hurt. Anyone who tells you differently is lying to you and themselves.

But, on the other hand, words can do tremendous good.  It all depends on what you want them to do and who you want to be.

3.) Foul Language doesn't make you sound more like an Adult.  It makes you sound less like one.

I don't know how many times I have waited in line with my brats at the store and just listened to these young teenie boppers with complete potty mouths, trying desperately to seem adultish and being completely unsuccessful.  

They try so hard it's laughable!

Swearing and cussing fools nobody.

If you really want to come off as mature and adult like, try being respectful and polite.  Soon enough you'll see a difference.  You'll stop being the boy or girl down the road, and you'll start being that young man or young woman down the street.

4.) It's not all about you

This may be harsh, but most people mean very little to the world, and you are no different, but that doesn't mean you aren't extremely important to me.  It just means you're not important to everybody.

People aren't going to hand you things just because you are you.  You will have to work, sometimes very hard, for what you want.  

You won't always be successful.  That doesn't mean the world is out to get you.  It means that you failed at something, learn from the experience don't waste time brooding over it.

Learn and practice empathy.  It will make you a happier and better person.  We humans are social animals and forging strong bonds with others is important to our well being.  Being understanding and able to commiserate with others and acting accordingly is an excellent way to maintain relationships.

And, by all means, let those you care about know it.  This is important!  Everybody needs people in their corner.  Make sure that the people you care about know you are in theirs!

5.) Don't lose yourself along the way

This is easier said than done.  

As you go through life you will be pulled in many different directions and feel immense pressure to be somebody you are not.  Be strong.  You'll never be happy being somebody else, and if you need to be somebody else to have friends, then you need to look elsewhere for friends.