Get In Touch (Updated 6/21)

Yesterday was an amazing day. We lost power for a good portion of it, so it was "Hot as Balls!" according to Mama Bear, but I was totally cool with that because the boy and I spent a lot of one on one time together just doing whatever we wanted.

Yeah, I know that that doesn't sound so different than any other day, but it really was, and I feel totally guilty about that.

It used to be that this blogging thing only took up a bit of time while the Pizzmeister was napping.  

Well, it isn't like that anymore. 

Lately, I have been getting a lot of e-mails from some pretty wicked cool people asking me about this or that, and this is totally great.  I like corresponding with you guys.  It helps me feel like I am connected to the outside world, and it helps me maintain my sanity...almost.

But, responding to you all with the thoughtful responses that you deserve takes time, and is quite addictive.  The past few weeks I have been spending more and more time checking my e-mail and updating my Face Book page than I have ever intended to when I started this blog thing.  

It is starting to feel like a job, and I am not the only one that feels this way.  The Pizzmeister feels it too. 

It took being forced away from the laptop for a whole day to realize that I am losing perspective as to what is really important, my family.  This blogging thing isn't a job.  It isn't important.  It just me selfishly messing around on the net while the boy plays by himself or watches "Bob the Builder" or something.

Now, don't get me wrong I am still going to write in my little blog a couple 3 times a week, and I will return each and everyone of your e-mails.  It may just take awhile.  Please don't feel slighted if I don't get back to you the same day like I have been doing.

If you still want to contact me for some unknown reason you can do it a couple different of ways

You can visit Just a Dizzy Dad's Facebook Page


You can shoot me an e-mail at

I'll do my best to respond quickly, but sometimes I'm a bit flaky.  So, if I don't get back to you ever I apologize.  Just send me another message and I'll be sure to respond.