Monday, May 6, 2013

Waiting to be Old Enough to not Give a Crap...And, Mama Bear Threw me Under the Creepertown Bus!

Recently, I have come to two conclusions.  First, I can't wait until I am old enough to not give a crap anymore, and, second, I am a creeper.

OK I know you want to know what makes me a creeper first, but you'll have to wait because that's just how I am.

Anyway, since the weather has been warmer and sunnier I have noticed a few things that make it so I can't wait to be a bit older, so I can legitimately not give a crap anymore.  

You know what I mean.  

We have all met some old man or woman who just epitomizes the whole "I'm old and I don't give a crap anymore!" attitude.  

These people have so little self-consciousness left that they are perfectly comfortable wearing just their underwear and a tee-shirt out in public or going shirtless while mowing their lawns even though they are my size, which is significantly over weight, because they don't give a crap about what anyone else thinks.

I admire these people for their fortitude.  They can go anywhere, look like anything they want, endure constant criticism, and just not give a damn!  They are who they are, and screw you if you have problem.  

That's awesome in my book, and I hope that one day I will live to an age where I can be like that too.

Over the weekend I also noticed that I am somewhat of an unintentional creeper.

The boys, my parents, Mama Bear, and I all went to the park for a nice little picnic. We were having a a great time, and we eventually made our way to the playground.

That's when I started becoming a creeper I guess.

While we were playing with one of our little rc trucks I noticed that there was a little boy who had just started walking, and he was super excited about our cars.  So, I brought our trucks over to play with him, and noticed that his mommy was not much older than he was.

Naturally, being prejudiced like I am, I assumed that a really young mother at the park with her kid meant that the little boy's father probably wasn't in the picture all the time.  As it turns out, I was right, but that doesn't matter.  I was wrong to assume such a thing, and I am sorry for it.  

Anyway, I felt sorry for the little boy and started playing with him and encouraged my boys to play with him not thinking I was being a creeper at all.  I mean I was just doing what comes natural, ignoring everybody around me and playing with the kids and their new friend.  

Now, I know that my boys are a little overwhelming to some kids, so I was doing my best to involve the little boy we just met in our play.

Unfortunately, I didn't know that by doing so, I was inadvertently "hitting on" the single mom.  I am not sure how, but Mama Bear assures me that the young lady absolutely assumed that I was.  And, to make it worse, Mama Bear was there the whole time and just let me carry on so she could laugh at my creeperness later!

You know, I would assume that a normal partner in crime would clue in a clueless partner, but not Mama Bear.  No, she'd much rather let the creeper town bus run over me and laugh smugly as it does so.

If I was older I wouldn't give a crap, but since I am still relatively young I'm all skeeved out about it.

Now, I'm going to be all self-conscience about playing with my boys and other kids next time we are at the park.  


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