Thursday, May 16, 2013

Help! I think the boy has his first crush!

I am not sure, but I am fairly certain that the Pizzmeister has his first crush.  It's cute and disturbing to me all at the same time.  It wouldn't be nearly as weird if I wasn't sure that Two-zy was crushing on the same person.

Who is this mysterious person who has stolen the hearts of my boys?

Candice Jolly: photo found on
Why, it is none other than Candice Jolly!

Who's that?

Well, she is the awesome Monster Mutt Dalmation driver on Monster Jam.  Next to Grave Digger, Ms. Jolly drives the Pizzmeister's favorite truck ever. Just ask him and he will tell you in those exact word, "She drive mine favorite truck ever!"

In fact, I think he may even like her truck more than Grave Digger!

I know.  That would be sacrilege, but truth is truth.

Anyway, as we were watching reruns of past Monster Jam events on hulu she popped up for an interview.  All of a sudden, it got eerily quiet in my house.  I looked over and both boys were standing and staring unblinkingly and slack jawed at the t.v.  They have never been so quiet or still before.  It was a little unnerving actually.

To ease the tension, I decided to start chatting with the boys, asking what they wanted to do for the day, and then I watched the strangest thing.  The Pizzmeister started flicking his hand at me the exact same way that I do when I shoo the cat away.  Then, when I wouldn't shut up, he turned to me and said, "Shush Daddy!  I want to hear this!"

I was floored!

I thought that I had at least a few years left before a female came between the boys and me.  It makes me rather sad really.

But, I understand completely.  Ms. Jolly is wicked cool and when the Pizzmeister said, "Isn't she lovely, daddy?" All I could say was "Yeah buddy she's lovely..." while I looked over and saw Two-zy wide eyed and drooling while she was talking.

And to think, this is only the beginning.  Hopefully, they'll never get into a Bieber phase.  I shudder at thought of them referring to themselves as "Beliebers," that and as "tweens."

Seriously, both terms skeeve me out!

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