Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Screwing It Up For Everybody

We have all heard that age old phrase that it only takes one bad apple to spoil the bunch, right?

Well, guess what.  

At least, I'm not as bad a parent as to
 allow a rooster near my kid!  Or is it a
chicken?  Oh, either way,
it doesn't matter.  You
catch my point.
I'm apparently that bad apple according to Mama Bear, who was wicked irritated with me last night.

Here's what happened, and I admit I might have been more useful and less of a trouble maker, but I couldn't help it.  This is just how I roll.

Anyway, last night the boys and I went to bed a little earlier than Mama Bear as she was busy cleaning up after me and taking care of things that I had neglected.

I know.  I am terrible.  In fact, instead of playing on my blog right now I should be cleaning or doing something more productive on the home front as there are only a few precious moments of each day when the bratty boys are both sleeping at the same time.

You all know how hard it is to do anything when there are two bratty kids terrorizing you, and, let's face it, I am just not motivated to be good at cleaning and way motivated to play with the little ones, so I fully admit that I should be using this time to be cleaning or something. 

But, like I said, I'm just not motivated to do that and way more motivated to play because I lack adult sensibility, which is what brings us to the problem I may or may not have created last night at bed time.

I may have allowed the boys to get a little over stimulated last night after Mama Bear sent us off to bed.

But, it's not entirely my fault. Mama Bear knows what I am like, and she knew it would probably happen, so it is as much her fault as mine.  


She should have known that the moment we were out of sight a monster game of "Surprise" was going to happen.  (For those unfamiliar with this game: it is basically the Pizzmeister hiding somewhere and then jumping up and shrieking "Surprise" at you. He finds it hilarious, and so does Two-zy.)

She probably also knew that once we were out of sight I was going to tickle the boys until they almost puked.  Hey, it's just how I roll.  Don't judge me!  


And, I know that she knew that after I tickled the boys we were all going to jump on the bed like the monkeys we are because, as she said herself, this sequence of events happens every time I take the kids up to bed by myself.

I blame it on my lack of foresight.

It is almost like I never had kids before and don't know that riling them up just before bed time means that nobody will get to sleep before 1 a.m.

So, now we are all facing the consequences.

P.s.  please don't ask where I found that photo.  I stumbled on it on my hard drive and decided to use it.  

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