Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Have You Taken Your Vitamins Yet Today?

Everyday the Pizzmeister stands and watches me take a multitude of medications and vitamin supplements, and, quite frequently, he will remind me if I have missed a pill by saying "Uh oh, you need that vitamin daddy!"

Anyway, this morning was no different.  Mama Bear left for work.  I ambled into to bathroom and started counting out my various pills while the Pizzmeister watched and said "You need that vitamin and that one...."

Soon our routine was over, but the boy was still squalling that I had forgotten one.

Me- Buddy I took them all.  I'm good until bed time now.

Pizzly- Daddy you need one more!

"Great!" I thought.  "What if the tyke is right?  I'll just have go without it because if I take a double on one by mistake that could be a big problem."

So, I said, "Well Buddy, I don't know which one I missed, so I'll just skip it.  That way I won't take the wrong one by mistake." And then I marveled at how observant the little brat was. 

He was not to be deterred however.  He insisted that I missed one and was sure it was important, telling me so about 100 times while I searched desperately for a dropped pill.

Eventually, I got a bit pissy and finally asked "Alright pal, which one was it?!"

Immediately I felt bad because the Pizzmeister looked up at me with his big puppy dog eyes and meekly said, "Vitamin hug."

I'm such an asshole!

Here I am getting frustrated with my son, who only wants to hug me.  I felt so ashamed that as I yanked him up and hugged him I felt like crying.  

And then he said,  "Ooh, that was a good one daddy!" and ran off to give Two-zy his vitamin.

The Pizzmeister was right.  Vitamin Hug is the most important vitamin that I take, and, unlike my other vitamins and meds, I can't overdose on it. 
I can have as many Vitamin Hugs as I want worry free, and they always make me feel good/better instantly.

In fact, I am going to go and get one right now. I recommend you do the same and often.

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