Thursday, February 21, 2013

Kids T.V. is Designed to Turn our Brains to Mush

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Gosh Darn you DJ Lance!  Why must you and Biz be so hypnotically addictive?!

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And, if it isn't you two the boys watch non-stop it's that evil Busy Town Mysteries.  

I swear, my already quickly deteriorating brain gets mushier with every episode I am forced to listen to because the boys are little terrorists that enjoy inflicting psychological harm on Mama Bear and I. 

But, I am partly to blame for this because I haven't yet learned to not ask what they want to watch during t.v. time.  Habitually, I always ask, "So what are we going to watch this morning guys?" and then I immediately realize my mistake as soon as those fateful words are uttered.  

It's one of those "My god I hope they didn't hear me" situations, but, of course, they did.  They hear everything you don't want them to hear and nothing you do.

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So, because of this, every morning during t.v. time I am stuck with either the cool vibes of DJ Lance from "Yo Gabba Gabba" or the slightly less annoying but just as mind numbing sounds of "Busy Town Mysteries" invading my mind through my ear canal like a brain eating parasite.

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I guess I have nothing to really complain about  because, as Mama Bear says, at least it's not "The Adventures of Chuck and Friends" or "Doogal" where the main characters are spoiled and dickish; totally not the type of characters you want your little ones emulating.

Well, maybe you wouldn't mind, but if my little ones start acting like that habitually they are going to receive a few one way tickets to "You better cut that shit out right now Town" courtesy of daddy.

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