Tuesday, February 12, 2013

I'm Not a Creepy Loser Who Loves Toys. I'm a Daddy!

Ok, so I might be a creepy loser too, but I have an excuse for oggling the toy section at every store I go to.  

Some results of prior "research projects"  These aren't
fun for me at all.  Oh no, that would be a ludicrous
I'm a daddy and my boys like toys....and so do I.

Therefore, I consider myself a researcher.  I'm not just some loser who never grew up and still likes little kid toys, which may also be true, but that is neither here nor there.  

When I appear to be a creeper hanging around the toy isles, I am actually doing legitimate research.  I'm "researching" all the new and cool stuff I can buy for myself the boys!

Okay, I'll admit that it is a little sad that I get more excited than either of the boys while looking through toy catalogs and what not, and I might look strange when I get excited and jump and flap my arms up and down when I see a new toy that I know the boys will love, but I can't help it, and I am sure I am not the only parent like this. 

I want to spoil them rotten because, in doing so, I am also spoiling myself.

The boys and I have the same taste in toys right now, which rocks because at least I know what to buy them since it's a reasonable assumption that if I think something is super cool, then they will too.  I am also not foolish enough to believe that this will always be the case, so I am perfectly willing to take advantage of this phenomenon as long as possible.  

Soon enough Two-zy will stop being infatuated with his brother, and he'll stop enjoying the toys that Pizzlemeister likes.  And, I know that once the Pizzmeister starts school in a couple of years he'll start wanting the lame stuff that his classmates crave, but it's not like that now.  

At this moment, we all agree that radio controlled vehicles are wicked awesome! 

So, I am happy to oblige them and litter our little house with rc cars, trucks, and helicopters since the word moderation doesn't exist in my modest vocabulary.

Two-zy and I watching Pizzly drive his awesome truck
After all, this may be the only time in their childhood where I don't have to fake it.  

I actually really like their toys and want to play with them too.  This will probably change next month, so why not take advantage of the here and now?   

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