Friday, December 28, 2012

I'm Tired of Santa making me Look Bad!

Well, that blasted man in red has done it again! 

So far, every year he has to go and do something big, much bigger than what I do, for the boys, and I always end up looking bad.
It never fails!

That dirty rotten bastard!

This year I gave the boys perfectly nice under wear, and this is the response I got for my troubles. A total lack of enthusiasm, and even a bit of sorrow.  I tell  you.  I just can't win!

But, what does Santa do? 

Why of course he goes all out and "saves the Day" by giving them a train set that they of course adore because that stinkin' kitty loves it too!

Why just once I would like to give the boys something for Christmas that would result in such a reaction!

I wan't less of this.

And perhaps more of this

But, I would even settle for an in between, like this.

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