Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Baby Rabies! It's Not Just a Female Thing

Since having the boys, I have really begun to notice that the phenomenon known to me as "Baby Rabies" really does seem to exist. If you don't know what I am talking about, Baby Rabies is the mysterious illness that makes one desperately desire to have a baby of their own, defying reason and sensibility, and this terrible ailment is contracted by the mere sight of a baby by some of its unfortunate victims.

Now, it used to be thought that only females contracted baby rabies, but I have come to the conclusion that males get it too.  We just hide it better because when a male notices a baby is adorable and oh so cuddle-able he automatically is seen as a creeper and inherently dangerous.  

Not good!

No one wants to be called a creeper, so we resign ourselves to stand off to the side, even though we really want to snuggle the baby too, while our wives, girlfriends, or whatever get their snuggle on, mocking us with their ability to be emotive and affectionate while not appearing like creepers.

Us menfolk aren't heartless.  It'd be nice if we could eventually prove it without fear of persecution. 

Luckily, I have babies of my own that I can snuggle all the time because Mama Bear and I already suffered from two horrendous bouts of baby rabies that resulted babies, but we are still not immune.  Mama Bear still gets that crazed look about her, like a thirsty person looking at the last glass of water for miles, while I sit quietly off to the side wishing I could hold stranger baby too, but not daring to ask for fear of coming across as a creeper.  

Unless, of course, we know stranger baby's mommy and daddy well, then I am going to snuggle the shiz out of that baby too, and I may not even ask first.

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