Thursday, August 8, 2013

Tired, Baby Who Strips, Puppy, and the Boy Who Pees

I can't help but remember how tired I wasn't before the boys arrived.  I could stay up all night then go to class or work in the morning with no problems.  That's not how it is now.

Now, if I am up still at 10 pm it's a "late" night, and I feel all giggly like I'm being naughty.

Unfortunately, the giddiness doesn't last long because, before too long, I'll remember that my harsh task masters get up early, and I'll be paying for my extra hour or two of fun in the morning while they are undoubtedly screaming, dancing, fighting, laughing, or what have you all while "Thomas" is blaring on the Television.  The addition of a puppy is making the mornings even more interesting.

Mornings now consist of keeping an eye out for puppy signals that she has to go out, which is no big deal, but the littlest boy, Two-zy, has learned to strip down, take off his diapers, and laugh his cute little buns off at me when I notice that he is all naked.  

The real problem with this behavior is that he is only a year old and can't quite make it to the potty yet.  He tries, but maybe has only truly made it in time once.  Usually, he ends up leaving puddles or piles of stink on the floor or couch or wherever he happens to be. Then, after he has done it he remembers to try to get to the potty, which is good.  The problem for the puppy is, sometimes she gets blamed for Two-zy's accidents.

Yeah, I know I am making it sound like my little runt is constantly naked and running around.  It sounds like that because it's true. I have given up trying to keep clothes on him.  He just takes them off the first chance he gets, and I don't have the heart to reprimand him because he gets this cute little triumphant look on his face when he strips himself.  How can you say no?

Oh, here is a bit of advice.  

Don't teach your brats that peeing outside can be done.  This past week the Pizzmeister has taken to asking to go outside to pee with the puppy because some bright light, me, taught him that he could pee outside when we were out playing in the woods.

What can I say?  It seemed like good idea at the time.

But, now, the boy will randomly push his trousers down to his ankles and start peeing whenever we are outside playing in the yard. The big problem there is that we live in the center of town or close to it.  We are quickly becoming known as the house with the peeing boy.  


At least he's not peeing on the floors.

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