Wednesday, July 31, 2013

The Boys Have a Candice Jolly Of Their Very Own

So, We all know that the boys love Candice Jolly, the monster truck driver, and if you ask the Pizzmeister why he likes her he'll say, "She's a way cool Monster Truck driver!"

This is nothing knew.  

He's been infatuated with her ever since he saw her rolling out a "slap-wheelie" in what he calls her "puppy dog truck," the Monster Mutt Dalmation.

Yes, he loves her.  This isn't news.

But...what you don't know is that he loves her so much that he begged us to adopt her.

So, being softies, Mama Bear and I did.  

Of course, we couldn't very well adopt the real Candice Jolly, but we did the next best thing.

Here she is!

The boys would like to introduce you to their very own Candice Jolly!

She's a rescue dog that is 8-9 weeks old, and she absolutely adores the kids.  The woman who rescued her claims that she is a Border Collie and Lab mix, but I am doubtful, and it doesn't matter to me what breed she is anyway.

She's a pleasant little puppy that was riddled with parasites and needed a home, and we needed a pup for the boys.  
Works out well for everybody.  She gets a home and gets to be finally rid of her parasites, and the boys get to have a buddy that follows them around and loves them.

Definitely a win win situation.

Oh, and before anyone decides it's their duty to write and tell me that it is too soon to get a new dog and that puppies are a lot of work, let me just say "You can spare me the lecture.  One, it's already done.  Two, I am very well aware of how much 'work' a puppy is.  Three, our Candice Jolly isn't replacing our old dogs.  She's just a new puppy, so the boys can have a playmate.   She's not Zane or Zoey, and we don't expect her to be.  But, with that said, we DO expect her to be a valued member of this family."

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