Monday, July 15, 2013

Air Show!

So, this past weekend Mama Bear and I took the boys to an air and car show, and the boys seemed to have a great time despite the heat.

But, not surprisingly, what the Pizzmeister seemed to like best wasn't the really cool Airplanes, or the helicopters that were on display. 

No, they were cool and all, but not as cool as the firetruck that was hanging around. 

Of course, once we saw that there was a fire truck, the Pizzmeister couldn't wait for the rest of us and took off towards it, which was alright because we were following and kept an eye on the bugger.

Can't be letting the little brat run off on his own you know

Anyway, the Pizzmeister started chatting up the firefighters right away, and before too long finagled a deal where he and his brother, Two-zy, were allowed to get up into the truck.

Highlight of the entire air show...well, it was until...

The Pizzmeister found out that there were RC Airplanes on display and being flown.

We were lucky to ever leave the air show after this little discovery.  

For a solid half hour he was bouncing around, laughing his buns off, and dazzling the rc guys with his non-stop questions.

It was great!  

And, it's the only thing besides the firetruck he is still talking about since we left the show.  

Now, Daddy has a new mission...

Find an RC Airplane club and beg them to let us watch them fly their planes.

Hey, I'm a Dad, and not above begging, within reason, when it is to make the boys happy.

Here's a clip I took of one of the amazing RC Pilots.  I think his fancy flying is what won the boy over. 

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