Wednesday, January 14, 2015

How We Won Christmas, Using Elf on a Shelf.

The last few days have been gloriously cold, so we have all been spending the days inside making a mess or snuggling on the couch and watching movies.

Now, before a bunch of you judgey types start giving me shiz about not forcing my kids to spend an hour or whatever outside no matter what, let me just say, "Meh...whatever! If it is below 0 degrees Fahrenheit (roughly -18c), then my brats are staying in because frost bite, hippies, that's why!"

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Anyway, since it has been so cold lately, we have spent a lot of time inside watching movies, and this morning we chose to watch "Toy Story."

Yes, a family watching a movie is pretty unremarkable on most occasions, even to the family, but this morning I stopped and noticed something pretty wonderful.

It's not just a movie to my sons.

To them it's a true story!

I know this because I over heard the Pizzmeister telling two-zy all about how Elfred, our elf on a shelf, has sprinkled magic on all of their toys so they can come to life while we sleep and live wildly fulfilling lives.
His theory was very complex and imaginative and left me spellbound while I eavesdropped.

My very first thought after hearing his explanation was, "How amazingly wonderful the world must seem to them!" And, I was honestly jealous for a minute or so because I don't live there too, and, no matter how hard those little jerks try to let me in, the best I can do is play pretend!

It's just not freaking fair!

I know that sounds horrible and selfish, but it's true.  I was jealous. Their world, which is still so full of magic, must be a fantastic place to live in, and I hope it never changes for them!

But, it will, of course. 

After I got over being jealous and then a little sad, a second thought popped into my head, "OH MY GOD!!!!  MAMA BEAR AND I WON CHRISTMAS! WE'RE FREAKING AWESOME!!!"

We, somehow, with the help of Elfred, our elf on a shelf, have managed to keep the Christmas magic flowing and common place to our kiddos!

How cool is that?!

I know, it can't stay forever, and they will eventually stop believing, and when reality comes crashing down on them they may be heartbroken, but for right now, that magic exists, and they believe in it, and I want to prolong this for them for as long as possible because once the magic is gone it never comes back.

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