Tuesday, December 16, 2014

X-mas is different this Year

Holy smokes!  It's Christmas time again, which means I am humming Christmas songs non-stop and making extraordinary plans of things I can make Elfred, our elf on a shelf, do each night to surprise the brats every morning.

So far, I have run out of cool ideas, but I am sure I will come up with something other than plopping him on the tv or tangling him up in Christmas lights and hanging him from a windowsill.

I need to think of some extra cool things to do, but I also need to pace it out.  There is are still 9 more days until the big finale!

I can tell this year is going to be crazy already!

We are in a new house, and the boys are at an age where x-mas is super exciting, which is bitter and sweet simultaneously.

On the one hand their excitement is super contagious.  We find ourselves making ridiculous plans, that we promptly forget in favor of a new plan, everyday for trapping Santa.  They are also really getting into the idea of gift giving, which is super sweet.  

But, I had to give up something I have truly loved doing for them this year because they are getting older and wiser and more perceptive.

Boys' Christmas Party 2013
I had to give up being Santa for them at their annual x-mas party.

Yes, the time consuming process of coloring my hair and and changing my appearance and finding cover stories to tell them as to why I missed the first half of the party every year was painstaking,  but well worth it to make the brats feel extra special.  

Now, I get to attend the entire party, but no more photos like this will happen because those brats are getting too smart and will out me quicker than a blink!

It makes me sad that they are growing up so fast, but I am proud and glad that they are. 

Besides, it is just a matter of time until they stop believing, and then I can suit up and make them play along anyway.  

Merry X-mas!

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