Monday, March 24, 2014

Finding Our True Entertainment Center

As I was sitting on the floor with my coffee in hand and playing monster trucks and trains with my darlings this morning, I looked over at our new entertainment center, and it kind of hit me that this is the life I know I am made for.

I can't picture it any other way.

Yeah, these kids occasionally drive me bat crap crazy, but, let me tell you.  I still get that same, "I don't think I will ever be angry or sad again!" feeling when I hold them, just like the feeling I had the first time I held them.

For sure, I would also love a larger, fancier house, but a bigger house wouldn't really change anything.  The brats would still be the center of our lives, and a bigger house will mean I can fill it with more toys. 

Of course, I would love to have a metric poop ton of money, but I am  not sure if I would like how that would change me. I'd like to think that we'd still end up having an entertainment center that looked like this, with the day care style toy bins and plethora of toys overflowing in it, but who knows.  

The Wii and DVD player are hidden somewhere in there, but you'll not find any dvd's or Wii games in it for a few different reasons.  

1.) The brats can't stop themselves from tossing the discs and cases all over the place.  Then, of course, like the animals they are, they have to chew on them once they are scattered all over the floor. 

The number of game cases and dvd cases that look like they've been through a war, or, at the least, mauled by wild animals is astounding!

2.) The boys like to play a game they call feed the hungry monster.  In this game they take all the discs out of their cases and start shoving them in the dvd player, a.k.a. the hungry monster. 

Walking in on that twice is two times too many for this dad, and since I am unable to get rid of the brats,  I'll just move the movies and games out of harms way.

3.) I am not sure if I should call it being domesticated or less selfish or what, but, to be honest, most of the movies and games were for me, and when I was younger and had no brats I liked movies that had plenty of violence and cussing and explosions etc...In other words, not very family friendly movies and games.

That's not the case now.  Now, my taste in movies and games have changed, at least during day light hours.

During day light hours, I like whatever will make the brats settle down and sit quietly for an hour or so while my ears have a chance to stop ringing from the constant shrieking.  

4.) The real reason that we changed up the entertainment center and removed all the DVD's and Wii games is because families are all about compromise. The boys are the center of our lives, and they like toys.  

Those other things, video games and movies, just aren't that important to them, so Mama Bear and I compromised. We got rid of our old center and replaced it with one that we could fill with all the toys and crap that the brats love and still have our surround sound system and game console in it.  We all win!

Plus, the house looks less cluttered because now the boys actually put away their toys.  Of course, it has only been a few days, so the novelty of having daycare center style bins will wear off, but still.  I'll take a few days of them picking up after themselves.     

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