Wednesday, February 19, 2014

I Need a Mulligan!

You know, I have spent a lot of time wishing to drink my morning coffee in a little peace and quiet, and this morning, when I finally got what I wished for, I realized that I don't like it quiet in the house, and I really actually enjoy it when there are brats tugging on my pant legs non-stop.

I miss it when they aren't constantly screaming and laughing and chattering and playing and jumping on me.

It was so weird this morning when they both decided that they wanted me to leave them alone so they could play by themselves in the play room.  It made me sad, and I felt so left out.

Yes, I know, I am supposed to feel proud that they are so independent.   

I know, I'm supposed to be grateful that that they are so confident.

But, I suddenly feel so insecure.  I'm really going to miss having them all to myself everyday when they go to school, and that day is quickly approaching.  

The Pizzmeister is 4 years old already, and Two-zy is going to be 2 in July!    

What happened?

Where did all that time go?!

I need a mulligan!  I feel like I could do it better; spend it a little wiser.

But, life is no game is it? 

I better get my act together. 

The Pizzmeister is starting Pre-Kindergarten in the fall.  I need to prepare, not just him but me too.  Thankfully, I have Two-zy to give me strength!

It's funny!  

Before I had kids, I had this notion that I would be the one giving them strength.  In reality, it's the over way around.

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