Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Whining about Sickness, The Pediatrician, and Not Being Able to do Anything For the Pizzmeister

Alright.  I am going to warn you that this post is going to be about gross disgusting things, so if you don't want to read about pooping massive amounts, and how pissy I am at the pediatrician's office, then you probably ought to just skip this post.

Now, you can't say I didn't warn you!

On to the post:

Man oh man, it has been a little bit nerve wracking for the last week or so.  The kids have been sick, Mama Bear's been sick, and I ...not so much, but more importantly, the Pizzmeister has been really sick, which was a major cause for concern.

He started the same way everybody else did.  A cough and runny nose.  You know, typical common cold shiz, but then it morphed, into him having a fever for over a week and crapping his brains out so hard he was in real danger of dehydration and a hospital visit.  

Now, the first night we noticed the high fever we called the doctor, who we assumed wasn't an asshat.  They told us that it would probably go away on it's own and not to do anything, but call back if his fever spiked again.  

Ok. Fine.  Well, his fever spiked, but naturally his doctors office was closed for the afternoon for some reason. Keep in mind it was only 2:30.  So, after talking to Mama Bear, we decided to take him to urgent care as his temp was around 103 and he was crapping his brains out.  

I mean, you would think normal people would assume he needs to be seen at that point, right?  


We got the "Let it ride itself" out shpeal, but they took chest x-rays to check for pneumonia just to shut us up I think.  The x-rays turned out to be negative, but they decided to treat it like pneumonia anyway for some reason.  

At least they did something because when we asked about the fever and diarhea they said use tylenol and that the diarhea would clear up on it's own. And, to again, "just let it run it's course."

Next day, no better and maybe even a little worse, so we call the pediatricians office, and told them what's going on and they tell us to wait it out even after we tell them he's pooping so much that it hurts him.  As far as I am aware, that isn't a common symptom of pneumonia.  "Oh just let it run it's course" they say, "and don't give him anything over the counter."  Of course, it was a Saturday so they closed at noon, so, later, when the poor guy was just miserable they couldn't see him, and we couldn't even talk to his doctor because their messaging system sounds a lot like this "I'm sorry we're not open right now.  F You! If you have an emergency please call 911." Click. Dial tone. No doctor on call, nothing.

That's bull shiz!  

Well, anyway, that afternoon Mama Bear had had enough, I had had enough, and the poor Pizzmeister had really had enough, so back to Urgent care he went where that ass hat DR reiterated the same thing. "Let it run it's course."

Well, that's not effing good enough!  

There has to be something we can do to make our little guy feel better, and Mama Bear said so. Well, after hemming and hawing Dr. Asshat tells her well you can use some Imodium to alleviate some of the pain and discomfort in his tummy and continue to use tylenol for the fever.

And we are thinking, "You're Fricking telling us this now after the poor little mite has been shitting his brains out for 3 days!"  I mean, if you or I go to the doctor's with a similar problem they give us something on the spot.  Why the hell is it different for kids? It's like they don't even take it seriously. Mama Bear is right.  We don't even treat our dogs that poorly!  

Anyway, they ask for a stool sample, tell us to keep him hydrated, and off we go to get the poor kid some Imodium, which helped, but he still had a slight fever.

Now, after 6 days, we get word that poor Pizzly has salmonella poisoning.  

Yikes, what do we do about it?

Dr Asshat number 1's grand plan?  Nothing.  "We don't want to treat it with antibiotics unless the infection is systemic, but you could admit him to the er if you wanted to."

So, those are our options, do nothing even though we could treat it with antibiotics, or admit the boy into the er.

Not promising, and I am not sure why you would wait until the infection is systemic before treating it.  Wouldn't it make sense to treat it before that point?  

Yes, I realize the arguments for not using antibiotics too often because your body develops a resistance to them, but F that!  And, I know that some strains of salmonella are resistant to antibiotics, but isn't it worth a shot?  Seems a hell of a lot better than shitting yourself into dehydration and an extended visit to the hospital to me.

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