Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Darn Kids and Their Need to Drive Me Crazy with Worry!

Well, the Pizzmeister is feeling better from his bout of salmonella, and, after a week or so of him being fairly despondent and un-energetic, I have almost forgotten what a little pisser he is!  

It's crazy!

He is so fearless at times that it almost seems like he is hellbent on hurting himself.  I have to be more watchful of him than his baby brother.

For instance, the other day he decided that he could use a broomstick as a bridge to cross an imaginary river between two kitchen chairs.  Of course, I wasn't paying attention at the time because I was warming a bottle for Two-zy, so I didn't witness the insanity of him trying to cross the "river" and falling off the "bridge" only to splat on the kitchen floor.

Then, after I ask him what happened, he looked at me like I was a complete and utter dolt and said, "I fell off mine broom daddy."

Then he proceeded to try and cross it again, like I wasn't standing right there telling him to cut it out.

Crazy kid!

After that, the next day, he started feeling even better and decided to use our sectional sofa as a race track.  He was running back and forth over the top of it, which doesn't bother me, but the evolution of the flying leap off the end does.

I don't want him cracking his head on something or landing on top of his brother, so I tell him, "Pizzly, please don't jump off the couch anymore buddy.  You're going to hurt yourself or your brother by accident."

He is response, "Well, I can run off the couch daddy."

Me - "No, buddy, that is still too dangerous. No running off the couch or jumping off the couch."

Pizzly - "Well, I can walk off the couch daddy."

Me - "Nope.  Still too dangerous pal.  I don't want you to do that.  No running, Jumping, or walking off the couch please.  You're either going to hurt yourself or your brother by accident."

Well, at this point he decided that forgiveness was better than permission and decided that instead of jumping, running, or walking off the couch, he would lay down and log roll off the couch and land on the floor with a heart stopping thump and giggle relentlessly when I rush back into the room to see what had happened, which he proudly showed me as I stared dumbfounded by the sheer insanity of it all.

I won't even go into his latest stunt of climbing to the top of the changing table and diving from it to the arm of the couch.  That resulted in a stern talking to, which means I started giggling at him as I was yelling at him because he was smiling and giggling at me, and I can't help it.  He's just too much of a rascal not to giggle at.

Anyway, all his shenanigans make me feel as if I am failing miserably as a parent.  You know, you take your attention off of him for a moment and he is doing something he shouldn't.  You keep an eye on him all the time and the baby is putting something in his mouth that shouldn't be there.  It's a no win situation.

Kids are crazy!


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