Monday, June 8, 2015

"Sometimes You Just Have to Save Yourself Before Anybody Can Help You"

Holy smokes!  It has been a really really really long time since I have bothered to write anything.  I would like to say I have been too busy, but that would be a lie.  

The truth is I have been lazy. 

The weather has been nicer, and I just haven't had the gumption to do anything but play with the boys and fix up boat number two.

Oh yeah,  I forgot to tell you all that the "Memory Maker" has been decommissioned.  Poor boat decided that it was time to call it quits after 51 years of service.  

Well, I can't say it is calling it quits.  The reality is, I can't fix the holes in the keel properly and I can't see paying somebody else to do it because that would be wicked expensive, so up for sale it is.  

We will all be kind of sad to see the quirky old boat go, but the replacement boat is a decent little boat that we enjoy almost as much and doesn't need any further fixing besides the propeller I banged up trying to tug a dead in the water pontoon boat back to the docks.

That whole situation was a cluster-bomb, and it really helped drive home to me the importance of having all the safety equipment and why I take all the precautions I do while on the boat.

Here's the situation.  4 people with no boating experience decided they were going to buy a boat and take it out on the water on a heavy wind day with 1'-3' waves, which was mistake number one.  I personally like the waves and wind because it is more fun, but it makes it a chore to control my little boat around the docks.

Their second mistake, was they had no safety equipment, but they had beer, and, by their scent, I wouldn't have been surprised if they had been consuming it for quite awhile prior to deciding to hit the water with their new boat.  

Unfortunately, beer is not helpful when you are in distress, unless you can use the cans as a signalling device or something.  Other than that, it just isn't helpful.  You really should have an anchor, lights, flares, distress flag, horn, whistle, etc... because it is a lot easier to be helped if you aren't free floating and if others know you need it.

Speaking of others needing to know you need help, these poor people were passed by a number of other boats because they didn't appear to be in distress.  They all appeared to be sitting and chatting and having a good time.  If it wasn't for Mama Bear's eagle eyes I would have passed by too because they never shouted and only one person on the boat bothered to wave the universal distress wave, and he was doing it half heartedly at that.  To me it looked like he was talking with his pals, but, thankfully, Mama Bear wanted to investigate.

Then, once we were close enough to determine that they did in fact need help, they were unprepared to receive it, which irritated Mama Bear to the point that she jumped in the water and took matters into her own hands.

Unfortunately, we still waited too long to get under way, and our poor little boat was pulled up onto the rocks and really banged up our propeller, but we eventually got into deeper water and towed the pontoon boat back to the docks safe and sound.

I was glad we could help them, but, more importantly, I was happy that my brats were with us to witness it and learn from the situation.

Their take home message is adequately stated using the Pizzmeister's words from this morning, "You know, Dad, sometimes you just have to save yourself before anybody can help you, you know?"

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