Tuesday, February 24, 2015

I could Home School the Brats, but They'd be Missing Out

This morning the Pizzmeister asked me why I couldn't teach him at home, which caught me off guard because I was under the impression that he really enjoyed going to school.  So, I asked him, "Don't you like going to school, buddy?"  His response was a luke warm, "A little bit." 

I guess it's not quite as fun as he was hoping.  I told him that school is a little bit tiresome at times, but well worth the time and effort you put in to it.  I also told him that I really could teach him at home if it came right down to it, but he was probably better off going to school because it will help prepare him better for dealing with people when he is an adult. 

As I explained it to him, the most important aspect of school is learning how to socialize and cope with others and gaining different perspectives. That's something you can only learn through experience.  

If he stayed home to be taught by Mama Bear and I, he would miss out on some vital life experience, like group learning and working in a group of people and having to follow a bunch of arbitrary rules that vary from authority figure to authority figure.  

In other words, he wouldn't have the opportunity of being forced to work with a bunch of knuckleheads he doesn't like and having to be good about it.

Anyway, sure, I could do the leg work and organize group outings and activities, and I would gladly do so if needed, but, to be honest, it would never compare to the type of interactions he could get from a public school if only for the fact that the school has so many more people than I could gather.  More people equals more personalities that you have to deal with, which is a good thing if you are going to learn to cope with the jack holes you will later work for as an adult employee. 

Long story short, yes I could home school the brats, but they would miss out on some serious socialization and grow up to be a weirdos or something.

Ain't nobody got time for that!

So, after that brief discussion, the Pizzmeister decided that he would give school more time before he decides if he likes it or not.  
I didn't bother telling him that the decision to go or not wasn't up to him, but I figured it was better to stave off that argument for a little longer, hopefully indefinitely. 

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