Wednesday, June 25, 2014

It's Not About a Lawn Mower...It's Much More Than That

For those of you that follow me on the facing book, you know about two exciting things happening in my life.  We are moving, and the Pizzmeister and I are taking on a new project together!

We are restoring an old old Dynamark Lawn Tractor!


Because, buying new is super expensive, and I thought it would be a great opportunity to teach the lad about the value of a little work.

You know, the whole "Not everything old is worthless" type of thing.

Thus far, it has been a great experience!  

We've worked the last few days on cleaning and fixing it and putting our own special touches on it.  The Pizzmeister has even named it "Cutter Racing Tractor," and, suddenly, this little old tractor has become more than a lawn mower.  

It's something that makes us smile!

It's something that already has a tremendous amount of sentimental value, and we've had it only a few days!

But, how could it not?  It's a project that I get to work with my super excited 4 year old on! 

Whatever trepidation I felt at the beginning of this undertaking melted away the moment I brought "Cutter" home and saw the look of pure joy on the Pizzmeister's face.

His enthusiasm and his constant chattering to it while we are working on it is more than worth the initial expense and gives me confidence, knowing that this project was absolutely a good decision, and I can't help but look forward to spending more and more time fixing it up with the boy.  I even find myself enjoying doing all the super tedious stuff, like cable adjustments and rust abatement, a lot of rust abatement.

But, it's worth it because it is something we can look back on with fond memories and a real sense of accomplishment.  This project gives me something to share with my son and an opportunity to learn and teach some valuable life lessons I might otherwise never have learned let alone been able to teach.

What started out as merely a means to get an inexpensive mower, turned into something more.

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