Thursday, May 8, 2014

It's my Birthday! Here's How we celebrated it!

Before going any further please note that Jump Around Inflatables had no idea I was going to write about them, neither did I, for that matter, until after I had such a great time there!

On to the post.

You may or may not know this, but Central New York has many many secrets.  Some are big, fat, juicy secrets, and some...not so much.

Today, I am going to share one of the big, fat, juicy secrets  with you that I have only known about for around a week thanks to one of my really super cool friends.  

Why am I telling you all this secret?

Because I can, and it's my BIRTHDAY!!!!

And, it's something that I think everybody should know!  

What's the secret?

It's a little place called Jump Around Inflatables.

As the name implies, it's a bounce house, a wicked awesome bounce house, like no other!

What makes this place so different than any other bounce house I have been to?

A lot of things really.

Here, let me explain.

First, you know how bounce houses have little toddler sections with the little itty, bitty blow up slides and a tiny, little ball pit? 

Well, this place has an entire toddler room with a Thomas Train in it!

I am not kidding you!

There is an honest to goodness great, big, inflatable Thomas Train!

This photo does not do it justice. This thing is huge!

I know.  That's what she said!  Ha!

But really, this inflatable is wicked cool, and I had to really restrain myself from going in it!

And, I tell you what, I wasn't the only one!  

Besides the gigantor sized Thomas Train, the toddler room had a play area complete with a train table, castle, play kitchen set, those crazy balls with handles on them that kids bounce around on, a Sesame St fire engine, and the list goes on.  

It is easier if you just look at the photo really.

There was also a pool table in there and a pretty cool race car game that was a huge hit with Two-zy.

And, remember, this is just the toddler room!

The big kid room has even crazier stuff!

Of course the main attraction for us in there was the giant, carnival sized slide.  

I mean where else can you go down a slide of this magnitude inside?

It's crazy!

And, by the by, the very best part of this establishment, is that I got to play on everything too!

Don't believe me?

Here's a photo I took of the Pizzmeister climbing up to the top!

Man, let me tell you.  It was pretty high up there, and, somehow, just being up on top of this gigantic slide transformed me into a much much younger person.

I felt like a little dobber again, having the time of my life with my two best pals! 

I can't even think of a better way to celebrate my 33rd birthday!

Anyway, besides the obvious fun features Jump Around Inflatables has, there are also a couple of very thoughtful additions that really impressed me.

First, there is a small concession stand where you can buy very reasonably priced snacks during a break in the chaos.  

This is super sweet because all parents know that brats are like eating machines.  

They do it constantly!

I also really appreciated that there was seating and a couch for nursing mothers or tired old people, like me, to use in the play area.

And, very importantly, the bathrooms were super clean and even had wipes available by the changing table.  

I can't tell you how handy that is, and, if you have a diaper wearing kid, then you already know how nice that is anyway.

There are a number of other really cool things I could add, but rather than trying to remember everything, it might be better if you just visit the Jump Around Inflatable website and their Facebook page.

Let me just end here by saying, this place is super cool, and, unlike, a lot of other places that claim to be super family friendly, this place actually means it.

Here's a few more photos I took of our visit:

On top of the giant slide

Shhh...Daddy I think he is taking a nap!
Crazy Obstacle Course!

The obstacle course with bouncing balls and air hockey!

Boys tired after racing me through the obstacle course

Gladiator ring!

Inside gladiator ring.  super fun pushing the balls of death at each other

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