Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Keeping the Brats occupied so they Won't Trash my house!

It's mid April and snowing!  

That means the boys and I are stuck inside for the day because I am not up to dealing with cold mud.  

Warm mud no problem, but cold mud not so much. 

Anyway, since the boy is all about crafts and stuff we are developing some ideas as for what we can do with various items we have laying around the house.

For instance, we made this.  

It's a sort of birdhouse/feeder or something for birds using a two liter bottle and duct tape.

Unfortunately, my crafty skills are very limited, unlike the Pizzmeister's imagination.

Lucky for me, however, the boy is very easy to please, and he is happy with it and can't wait to hang his little creation out side, when we hang his other feeders and houses we made and painted to look more appealing and homey to our local bird population.

The only problem is those projects are done already. 

Now, what am I going to do to keep the brats entertained?

I tried to get them to tie flies for me, but thought better of it at the last moment.  Last thing I was is to have to remove fish hooks from toddler fingers.

They don't seem thrilled with the idea of scrubbing the walls clean either. I guess drawing on them with crayons and markers is way more fun than cleaning it all off, and I am way too lazy to force them to at the moment.

So, now I am at a loss...what to do?

Well, we have these snail shells sitting on our counter, which is grossing me out.  Maybe we will make a snail shell and crab claw necklace from them.  

Who knows what the brats will come up with.

I just want to delay the approaching chaos that I know will happen when they get bored as long as possible.

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