Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Spending Me Time With My Family

Oh man, I have received a few e-mails asking me what's going on, and asking why I am ignoring my duties as a blogger, and I can't think of anything to say back except "Sorry dude!  Sometimes, life happens!"

I have been trying to get at least one post in a week, but with two little ones running around that rarely fall asleep at the same time finding time to sit in front of a computer and write is kind of tough.

Yeah, sure, I could do what I see so many other parents do and ignore my kids and play on the computer or play on my tablet or whatever, but we all know that's not how I roll.  

So, I wait patiently until both these monstrous boys fall asleep at the same time.  Then I will happily plop the laptop on my lap, write a few things down, and snuggle them until they wake up. 

That's what my me time is, and I know that there are some people that find the idea of me spending my valuable "me time" snuggling my kids while they are fast asleep horrifying, but to them I say I find it just as horrifying seeing moms and dads focused on their phones instead of their kids while they are at the park/playground. 

It's like all of a sudden it's cool to abandon your responsibility as a parent because you're at a park.

Anyway, you know the idea of having "Me Time" was really absurd to me when the Pizzmeister was all new and shiz, and I had all these moms and dads telling me it was because I was a new daddy and only had one kid to worry about and that I would understand in a few years.  I was also told it would be drastically different once the second child showed up.

Well, now that Two-zy has been around for around 9 months, I am thinking about it, and I still hold to the same belief that the very concept of "me time" is still just absurd.  To me, it's almost like wishing them away if only for a few moments.

You just don't do that!  

It's not that I am trying to sound all selfless or anything.  In fact, I  fully recognize that I am incredibly self-ISH because I want to spend all of my time with my kids.  It is what I like to do.  

I like spending every day with them, and I get really jealous when Mama Bear is home and steals their attention away from me, even if that means I can do a few things that I otherwise wouldn't be able to do, like monkey around with some of the toys I share with them. 

But, even when I am able to finally spare a few moments to play around by myself, it feels bland unless the two rugrats and even Mama Bear are there to enjoy it with me.  What good is having a family then if you're not going to enjoy each other's company?

For me, being with the brats even when they are screaming and tantrumming and doing their very best to cause bodily harm to each other or me is better than going out somewhere without them.

I realize that other parents need their "me time,"  and not everyone thinks like me.  Great! That's fine, and there may or may not be anything wrong that.  I don't know because I only know what I'm like and what I need to be happy. That's what really matters, your happiness because if you are content with yourself, you'll probably be a better parent for it.

So, do what you gotta do.

P.s.  If you are the type of parent that ignores your kid while at the park please please please please just look up every once in awhile so you know where they are and know what they are up to.  It is nerve wracking to all of a sudden have a mom or dad start screaming that they lost their kid or something because they were to busy playing angry birds or what have you to pay attention to them.

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