Thursday, October 25, 2012

Turning it Around

Well, this week I had the opportunity to witness first hand pure genius.  Mama Bear turned a bad situation around, making it an awesome opportunity!

What happened?

Nothing too bad really when you think about it.  Our neighbor cut down our favorite tree. No, he had no right to do it, but things like this happen. I assumed it was on our property, and, therefore, my tree, and he thought it was on his property, so he was in his rights to cut it down.

Turns out that it straddled the line, but that doesn't really matter since he cut it down before I even knew what was going on.  Yes, it really pissed me off because now instead of having an awesome tree with multiple bird nests in it to look at when the boys and I are outside all I see is an ugly apartment building.


What a bummer!   Well, after I contacted the landlord, telling him how displeased I was I sat around and pined for my tree when I could have viewed it as an opportunity to enhance our landscaping by taking advantage of the fall sales on plants.

Luckily, this hadn't escaped my wife.

Yes, she was angry about the situation too, but the tree was already gone.  Nothing to be done but get over it and move on.

Crap happens!

Anyway, after Mama Bear got home from work we took a trip to Lowes to see what we could find to replace the old maple tree we lost.

We ended up buying so many plants that we had bother my buddy with a pick up truck to help us bring them all home.

Now, it may not seem like it, but all in all there are close to 30 bushes and shrubs in this photo littering my back patio, and we were able to purchase them all for around $30 because they were on major sale.

Awesome!  I know right?!

But, what are we going to do with all these plants?

Why, we're going to perform a major landscaping overhaul of course!

If I hadn't been so focused on losing our favorite tree, I would have realized that now was a good time to beautify up the place a bit.  

I'm glad that Mama Bear thought of it.

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