Wednesday, October 17, 2012

It's the Big 10! Oh Man the Time has Flown!

Holy Crap!  Has it been 10 years already?!

Wow!  I guess it's not so bad, and it only feels like forever...

Just kidding.  These past ten years have whipped by so fast I am still trying to catch my breath.  I mean, I could swear that it was just last week that Mama Bear finally agreed to go on a date with me.  I don't care if she only agreed because she thought I was suicidal and felt bad for me.

Hey, it worked out for me right?

Truthfully, Mama Bear and I have known each other since preschool.  We were in french classes together throughout high school, and we sang together and goofed off in our high school chorus.  And, all the while we were doing that I wanted so badly to let her know how I felt about her, but I was a coward and felt unworthy of love.

Specifically, I felt unworthy of her love.

There she was, this amazing girl that I was crazy about.  Here I was, a lame, goofy boy that adored her, but was too afraid to say anything; too afraid to take a risk.

Well, she graduated high school a year before me, and I knew I blew it.  She went to college.  Then, a year later I graduated and went to work at a lumber yard, but she was still always on my mind.  She never left it. I thought about her all the time, and, eventually, I screwed up my courage enough to call her parent's house on a Sunday evening to see if I could get her number.  Low and behold, she was there.  She hadn't gone away for college after all. She was attending a local university, and she remembered me and agreed to go out to dinner with me.

So, on 9/13/00 I showed up wearing my best shirt (It was my best shirt because it only had one or two holes in it), and I took her out to Ponderosa.  I remember the booth we sat in.  It was the one on the far left wall as you entered the restaurant, and it was the third one up.  

After we ate, we went to Walmart where we goofed around and I tried on a witch hat or something and did my best witch cackle, which drew the attention of an elderly store employee who said something that I can't recall, but I do remember that we ended up back at her mom's house where we watched Dogma, and at the end of the evening, as I was leaving, I even stole a quick kiss.  

The following days went by as a blur.  We saw each other everyday.  As often as we could, we stayed up all night talking, and I kept thinking that this was the best time of my life.  I was wrong.  What I thought of as the best time of my life kept getting better and better. 

Eventually, we ended up getting married on October 18, 2002.  We bought a small fixer upper house a couple of years later.  She talked me into going to college.  I graduated Cum Laude or something.  Then one of the most spectacular thing happened on February 14, 2010.  

The Pizzmeister was born!  We became devoted parents, and two and a half years later, on July 3, 2012, we did it again when we had Two-zy!  

Now, it's October 17, 2012, and I can't imagine feeling happier.  

Tomorrow is our 10 year anniversary, and I am marveling at all we've done and have been through and overcame together.  I think about how I have grown.  I think about how happy I am, and I know that it's all because an amazing girl took a chance and fell in love with a goofy, lame boy.

I love you honey bear!  Thank you for everything.  These past years have been wonderful.  I cannot tell you what it means to me to have you in my life, loving me as I love you.  

We may not be perfect people, but we are perfect together, and that will never change.

Happy 10th anniversary!

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