Friday, September 7, 2012

You Get What For only $10?!

Alright, I have managed to get you guys a special deal on something the Pizzmeister, Two-zy, Mama Bear, and I find amazing!

You don't know it yet, but you'll be thanking me...oh yes, you'll be thanking me.

At least your kiddos will!

What am I talking about, and who is this weirdo in the Picture you ask?

None other than the evil genius behind the music of How's the Soup?, which is a band specializing in amusing kid songs that are catchy and humorous for adults too.

I tell you, last year I picked up a cd and the Pizzmeister has had hours and hours of enjoyment, enough so that the cd is starting to wear out!

So, I contacted Mr. Soup and he told me that he has a new cd with 20 songs on it that he is selling for only $10!  And, he will even send MP3's over e-mail so I will never have to worry about the cd wearing out ever again! 


I also managed to sweet talk him into giving an extra song to anyone who contacts him through this e-mail address,, with the subject being "Just a Dizzy Dad said you're awesome!"

That way he knows you're my fan and to throw in the extra song that only my fans will get!

Awesome right? 

You're welcome!

Here's a little taste test of his music, and this just happens to be the Pizzmeister's favorite song.


P.s. I wasn't kidding when I said 20 songs plus one for my readers for only $10$  Yeah, I know that is a lot of music, but How's The Soup? is adamant that that is the correct price, so if you want a cd or want him to send you the MP3's contact him through, and he will tell you where to send the check or money order.

$10 will get you and your kids hours of crazy dancing enjoyment!

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