Wednesday, September 5, 2012

She Thinks my Apron's Sexy!!!

The Pizzmeister and I posing with our new kitchen "clothes"

Ok, so the other day Mama Bear, the boys, and I all went to the mall for a little family outing and so that Mama Bear could pick up some new clothes. 

Now, normally, I hate to go to the mall unless I am going there to buy toys for the boys or something, but this time I was alright with it.  I didn't even hardly complain once or twice that it was taking Mama Bear forever to pick out whatever clothing articles she liked. 

What was different this time?

Well, I was pre-occupied. 

While Mama Bear was hunting for bargains of her own, I was looking for a new kitchen bib/apron and oven mit, which meant that I got to take the kiddo's to the super cool kitchen store for a few minutes and marvel at all the knick knacks and gadgets that I don't need, can't afford, but want desperately.

Finally, a sales clerk approached me and asked me if I was lost.  I, immediately annoyed by this lady, said that I wasn't, and that I was actually looking for an apron and got side tracked by the all the gadgets.

Then the unthinkable happened.

The sales clerk looped her arm around mine and led me to the useless men's novelty aprons while saying something about it being cute that I was there! 

So, there I was, annoyed as hell with my two boys in tow, so I couldn't even really say anything to this annoying lady while she was showing me some stupid, worthless kitchen bibs.  You know the ones that I am talking about.  The ones with the "funny" or "cute" little sayings on them but offer no real protective abilities or usefulness because the fabric is so sheer and after the first use you pretty much have to toss them out unless you are super careful?

Well, I am not that careful.

I told her that although I like beer and boobs, I just don't like them displayed on my apron.  In other words, I was looking for something less cutesy and more utilitarian, preferably with pockets.

Somehow, this chirpy little sales clerk was annoyed by this, and I think the reason was because the regular old kitchen bibs were less than half the price of the obnoxious novelty aprons.

Anyway, the boys eventually picked out a nice, plain, navy blue apron for me, and the Pizzmeister insisted that I grab the snazzy, neon orange oven mit too.

When I went to cash out, the same sales clerk was at the register and said something along the lines of my purchase not being very manly. 


Just what I need, some sales clerk from a kitchen store commenting on my masculinity.

I silently paid her while wondering if she was as "helpful" to all her customers and left with out telling her to have a nice day. 

"Yeah, that showed her." I smuggly thought as I left while attempting to avoid hitting middle aged women or store displays with our gigantic double stroller.

The rest of that excursion had me wondering about my masculinity, and also had me asking myself why I let some little twit get to me like that.

I over think things.

When we finally got home it failed to matter any longer because when I tried on the apron and started cooking Mama Bear told me that she thought I was the "Hotness!" or something like that. 

***Super Smug Grin***

Who needs traditional gender roles to feel manly when you have a wonderful wife and family that love and support you no matter what?

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