Wednesday, September 19, 2012

King for a Day...(War's End!)

I was king...for awhile.  I was proud and kind of strong.  I might even have been just if I had had the chance to be.

Yet, alas, my throne was stolen from me moments after I had procured it.   I was forced to deliver my crown to another before I even knew what it meant to have  and wear it.

What a pity!

Who stole my throne and took my crown from me?

The victorious Pizzly "accepting" the crown.

The great and mighty Pizzmeister of course.

He stormed the castle and sacked it.  He demanded unconditional surrender and immediately donned the crown in a showing of superiority and control over the realm I ruled for a few brief moments.

His very first order of business was to fill my former subjects with terror through threats of horrendous violence.  This was done for their own good he claimed, for it would do no good for them to rise against him.  He is just too powerful.

His threats of unspeakable violence worked!

This poor villager was made to be an example and threatened to be made to sit in the swing of shame and torment for the rest of his days should he not convert to being a faithful follower of the all powerfull Pizzmeister.

Of course, faced with a decision like that his choice was easily made.   He quickly joined with the new king, helping to quell the rising unrest of the people.

And, as a last act of treachery, he went so far as to celebrate my dethroning with an outdoor after dark feast by firelight with the new king and his mother.

Oh yes, they occasionally threw their leavings to me.  How generous of them!

To toss their scraps to a once mighty king as if he was naught but a common dog!

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