Wednesday, August 29, 2012

What a Free Range Daddy Does

Well, one of the things I hadn't expected when Two-zy came along was his sheer ability to either wind up Pizzly or calm his little buns down with naught but a looky-loo.

I mean it is nuts, and I loves it so!

This morning after Mama Bear left for work the Pizzmeister was goofing around and making the baby shriek with laughter, his first real giggles and laughs of his life.  I loved it, and I was so damn proud of my little boys and there ability to get along.  That I decided I must to has video of it.

But, of course, when I went to grab the video camera and tape it for Mama Bear the giggles were all over and Two-zy was busy dropping a stink bomb in his diaper.

Naturally, I am too late...again

After I cleaned him up, Two-zy decided it was nap time and fell asleep, so I put him in his battery operated swing where Pizzly watched him intently for a few moments. 

And, bonus!

It wasn't too awful long before the ever energetic Pizzly was asleep too.

Notice that he is lovingly clutching his new bi-plane that Grammy and Grampy gave him.


Daddy's free range for at least a few moments!

Now, what to do with myself?  Do I watch a higher than pg rated movie, do I take a shower quickly before they wake up, or do I shave quickly and then try to pick up all the toys and quickly do the dishes?

Well, I did none of the above because as I sat on the couch pondering what I could do with my valuable free time I fell asleep on the couch for 45 minutes until the coffee I was holding spilled on my lap and I came to thinking I had somehow managed to get pee'd on or had pee'd myself.

Needless to say, I was grateful when I realized it was just coffee.

And, of course, as I cleaned up the mess the boys woke up hungry, and I had found the answer to my original question of what does a free range daddy do with his time.

He naps with his little boys.

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