Monday, August 13, 2012

Kids are Great...Well, Mine are Anyway.

Over the past week or so I have noticed a few things. 

Calming Two-zy down before stuff gets real
1.) Now that there are two little hooligans living here, it is harder than hell to do anything.

Yeah, yeah...laugh it up all you parents out there with multiple thugs kiddos who warned me about this.   

It's not like I didn't believe you.  I just didn't care because I couldn't foresee wanting to do anything ever again, and I am not talking about sex either, but the same goes for that too I guess.

I mean it is hard to even pick up all of the toys so we can run the darn vacuum let alone plan anything.  

One of the few precious moments where Two-zy
has allowed us to actually put him down

There is only a brief window of time where Two-zy is quiet and willing to be put down for a few minutes.  Otherwise, it's game over and the little brat cries until you give him what he wants, and there is nothing worse than hearing a one month old shriek continually to derail you.  

It just bores it's way into your brain until you'd do just about anything to shut the little bugger up!

So, before we can put the rascal down and clean up, we have to wait for that teeny tiny 5 minute window of glorious opportunity, but, of course, then we have to contend with the Pizzmeister, who is either very helpful or decidedly unhelpful at whim.

Pizzly helping pick up his cars by giving
them rides in the baby carrier
With any luck he will be in his helpful mood.  If not, then the room just doesn't get vacuumed because Two-zy will decide that he has had enough of being in baby gitmo, the pack and play, and start screaming until someone helps him "escape."

*hair being pulled out here*

I know.  

I could just let him cry, teaching him that mommy and daddy won't always be there to make things better, but I just don't have the heart to do so. 

He's a month old!  Mommy and daddy should always be there to make it all better.

But, despite never being able to do anything ever again, I still think that...

The Pizzmeister fell asleep watching
his baby bro sleep
2.) My kids are wicked great!

Yes, I know that Two-zy is still all little and sponge-like and stuff, but he is still pretty damn cool.  He is learning new crap everyday, and he is getting so darn strong and big so fast.  

It is fascinating watching him grow!

But, it is even more fascinating watching him interact with Pizzles.  

I swear that every time the Pizzmeister enters the room Two-zy knows it and is looking for him even if Pizzly hasn't said anything or is out of eye shot.  Most often the baby knows when Pizzly is around long before I do.  It's like some weird form of psychic ability or something.

And let me tell you about the Pizzmeister.  

He is one awesome big brother!  

Pizzly vigilantly watching Two-zy while he naps
We are just so damn proud of the little bugger.  He is always keeping track of his little brother, trying to comfort him when he cries, and he always wants to play with Two-zy and show him everything and explain everything to him.

It's great watching them together.  

Our little Pizzmeister shows a level of concern and empathy that just boggles my mind.  Most adult type people I know aren't even as caring and selfless as him.  Maybe he picked it up from Sesame Street or something. I don't know, but I doubt he got those characteristics from me or my side of the family.  

He is also incredibly helpful, especially when he knows that daddy isn't feeling well.  It's like having a hired hand whose sole focus is to follow you around and tell you what the baby is doing...all.the.time.  

It's cute as hell, but a little irritating too, but I'll never tell him that because I don't want to screw it all up.

I like that he is so interested and concerned about his baby brother, and I want to keep it that way for awhile.

But, as great as the boys are...

3.) I think that The Pizzmeister is losing it crazy style!

Yes, our big boy is awesome with his brother, and he is charmingly sweet and giving and caring, but I am afraid that underneath that he is crazier than a rat on bath salts!

The other day we were playing cars in the bed when out of nowhere Pizzles decided that he wanted to watch something on the t.v.

Well, this is not unusual by any means.  But, how he asked to watch the t.v. was.  

He punctuated every word by punching himself in the groin.  I don't care who you are, padded diaper or not, that hurts!

In fact, I know it hurt him because he let out a little groan every time he hit himself. 

It was too crazy, too disturbing for me to really comprehend what was going on at first.  

And, by the time I came to my senses I couldn't stop laughing to tell him that he shouldn't hit himself anymore, especially in his  nether region.

I could see doing it once by mistake, but to do it multiple times is just nuts!  

See what I did there?

Yeah...I'm immature.

Anyway, I am thinking that once Mama Bear goes back to work next week I am going to have a few really long days of trying to keep track of these two little rugrats that have invaded my home.

With any luck we will all survive it relatively unscathed.
Disaster written all over this

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