Friday, August 24, 2012

Just a Dizzy Dad Parenting Tip: Baby Oil

Today I remembered a valuable lesson that I had forgotten since the time when the Pizzmeister was only a wee little baby.

The lesson is that you can never have too much baby oil around the house.  The stuff is amazing!

Let me tell you why.

Not only does baby oil help make your baby smell nice and feel silky smooth.  It doesn't just keep your newborn's skin nice and hydrated or help with heat rash or diaper rash.

Baby oil is also excellent at keeping your baby clean.  Well, not at keeping the runt clean but at getting the runt clean.

You may or may not know this, but newborn and little bitty baby poo is some pretty hardcore stuff. It pretty much stains anything that it comes into contact with, even skin sometimes.

Earlier today Two-zy had a poop splosion.  I am telling you it was all over the place. It even some how made it over the side of the changing table.  

Poor little Two-zy had it coming out of both leg holes and it shot right up his back and crested between his poor little shoulder blades.

Poor little guy.

Well, I knew that this was going to be one heck of a clean up job, so I decided to strip the bugger down and scrub him up in the bath.  

It was working out alright.  I used a crap load of soap and got him smelling nice and squeaky clean.  Then as I was drying him off I noticed that Two-zy didn't look quite right.  

His skin was a weird color. It was like a baby poop greeny, orangey, browny color.

"What the hell?!" I thought. "I must have totally done a terrible cleaning job in the bath."

So, I scrubbed him up again with even more soap, and again I noticed that his skin was this weird color while I was drying him off.

That's when I remembered about the wonders of baby oil, and that there were more than a few times when soap just wouldn't cut it when the Pizzmeister was a little one.  The only thing that worked to get him cleaned up sometimes was baby oil.

Yeah, that's right...Baby oil!

So, after remembering this, I grabbed the baby oil, rubbed the brat down with it, and then wiped him dry.  

Shazzam!  Baby boy was all cleaned up.

And, let me tell you that not only did the baby oil prove to be more effective than soap and water when cleaning up the baby boy, but it also cleaned the stain out of the wood on the changing table when soap wouldn't.

So, my advice to you is to keep baby oil on hand.  It's handy stuff!

P.s.  No Baby oil doesn't work for clothing stains. I've tried it. 

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