Monday, July 9, 2012

Lunch Box What? Hey, Let's do a Give Away!

I saw on the morning news a while ago; something called Lunch Box Love, and I immediately thought that it sounded totally awesome.

Here let me tell you a little about it.

Lunch box love is basically exactly what it sounds like.  

They're little notes that you leave in someone's lunch box, briefcase, car, shoe, or anywhere so that they can find it during the day and know that you are thinking about them.  

I know, it is a terrific idea isn't it?!

And, what is even cooler about these notes is that they each have a  little factoid on the back of them, so you can learn something and feel loved all at the same time!

When I visited their website I was amazed at the variety they had. They had some Love that was appropriate for just about any occasion.

I received a set called "Lunch Box Love for Loved Ones," and I was so impressed by it, and I liked them so much, that I was inspired to write a song!

Be sure to visit these guys at and on their Facebook Page to show them some love.  

They so deserve it!

And, Since the people over at are so wicked awesome, they've agreed to to sponsor a give away raffle!!!

How cool is that?!

Click HERE to see what they're giving away!

See below to find out how you can get in on this.  Keep in mind that this give away only applies to contestants that reside within the Continental United States of America.

The contest starts now, today, July 9, 2012 and ends July 31, 2012.

Good Luck!

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  1. Love your song! But more importantly, I love lunch box love! We all could use some nice words more often in my opinion.

  2. This is something I truly can back.