Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Keep on Truckin' With that Positive Reinforcement

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Man oh man, is there anything quite as fun as a truck show?

Since Pizzly was feeling better, and was no longer contagious, we decided that he and I were going to go to our first ever truck show together last weekend.

Of course, his favorite vehicle wasn't a truck at all but a front loader and backhoe, but that doesn't matter.  It was still wicked cool.

Oh yeah, he also liked the big red dump truck.  

In fact, he liked it so much he decided to kick off his shoes and make himself comfortable.

It was about this time that I decided we stayed long enough at the truck show and needed to get out of there before daddy started going crazy.

Don't get me wrong!

I was thoroughly enjoying the trucks and telling the Pizzmeister how they worked, what they did, and what all the little levers and switches and pedals did, but I just couldn't stand the other parents and kids that were there.

I tell you, there were some pretty good nominees for worst parent of the year award.

It's not like the other parents were overly disciplining their kids or anything.  It was the opposite!  They weren't disciplining at all, and their kids were atrocious!

It was terrible!

Here's an example of one incident: 

The Pizzmeister was waiting in line to board a school bus when out of nowhere some 5-6 year old decided that he'd had enough of waiting in line and decided to push Pizzly out of the way and then socked another little kid right in the nose so he could get on the bus.

The boy's mother just stood there and watched the whole thing with out saying anything.

I was about to, but if I have learned one thing over the last two and a half years of being a parent it's that when other kids are misbehaving and their parents are letting them, then there really isn't anything you can do about it anyway.


Luckily, a state trooper stepped in at this point, which was awesome!

The trooper nabbed this little bully right off the bus and scolded him and told him that it was never okay to hit anyone and he was no longer allowed on the bus, and he tried to make the bully apologize to Pizzly and the other little one that he hit.  

"Good on him!" I thought

But, that wasn't the end of the ordeal.  Of course, the mean kid's mama had something to say to the trooper about  all of that.

Apparently, she didn't appreciate that he yelled at her kid.  

I can't blame her I wouldn't like it either, but not for the same reason.  I'd be embarrassed that my kid was poorly behaved enough to warrant a police officer yelling at him.

This lady wasn't embarrassed in the least.  

She was mad that somebody had dared to yell at her little darling, to which the trooper responded, "If you had bothered to step in and control your child then I wouldn't have had to ma'am."

As I was giggling and feeling giddy that the lady was getting her come-uppins the situation escalated a hair.  

The mean kid's mama started yelling at the trooper and telling him that he was abusing his authority and that negative/violent reactions to violence only makes the kids prone to be more violent and it is best to ignore such negative behavior totally and only acknowledge the positive behaviors with kind words of encouragement.

This is where the trooper said something along the lines of she could live in a fairy tale wonderland at home where she doesn't have to bother ever correcting her kid, but once they enter the real world it is his job to step in when someone physically assaults somebody and that she may want to change tactics before the kid gets old enough for people to file charges.

After that, Pizzly and I made a quick exit.  Things were getting too real for us!

I am not sure what I was expecting a truck show that was sponsored by a posh daycare center to be like, but I definitely wasn't expecting it to get violent.  A little snooty maybe, but not violent.

Boy am I glad that I stay at home with the rugrats so I don't have to worry about that stuff on a daily basis.

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