Wednesday, July 11, 2012

If it Feels Like a Job, You're Doing it all Wrong!

For the last week or so I have been doing some contemplating, and I have discovered that I have been royally screwing up a lot lately. 

I've caught myself taking this blogging thing entirely too seriously.

I mean I am spending so much time thinking about what I can blog about that I forget to actually have a life, a real one, where there isn't a computer within sight 100% of the time.  It's ridiculous!

I'm ridiculous!

If I am not fiddling around with the blog then I am on Facebook or checking my e-mail or contemplating what I can tell you all about.  Then I realize that I actually have to do stuff in order to have anything to write about.


When did this blogging thing start becoming a job?

It hasn't.  It just feels like it.

So, I have a new motto, which those of you that follow me on Facebook already know.  That new motto is "If it feels like a job, you're doing it all wrong!"

No, it isn't exactly replacing my old motto, which is "Nut up or Shut Up!"  I am still keeping that one around.  I'm just adding this new one as a reminder to myself of what's really important and that being a parent isn't a job despite the claims of many that it's "the hardest job you'll ever love." 

Parenting is just part of life...for me anyway, and life isn't a job is it?

I guess it could be to some people, but not to me.

Blogging is also not a job to me.  

I started out just looking for something to do while the kid slept, and I wanted to do something that kept my brain active since Sudoku just wasn't cutting it anymore.

So, I started writing some stuff down, and eventually this blog came about.  I remember telling myself at the beginning that the moment it stops being entertaining to me I'll stop because, hey, it's not like I am making any money from it.

Well, somewhere along the way I forgot about that vow because I haven't stopped, and I don't intend to...not yet anyway.

But, I do need to make a change because I am missing out on something pretty damn great!

What's missing in this photo?


My beautiful family is out and about having all sorts of fun, and where am I?  

Behind a freakin' camera thinking about how to incorporate this photo into my blog.  Not cool!

Instead of sharing the moment with them I am a spectator, watching it happen.

Well, one of my parents, I don't recall which one at the moment, once told me that life wasn't a spectator sport, and I am just figuring out what the hell that means now, 15-20 years later.

Man, I am a dope!

I owe my family one helluvan apology! 

Something's gotta change.  I can't afford to miss out on any more moments like these anymore.

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