Friday, July 20, 2012

Happy 10,000

Holy crap!  It's been a busy week.

In fact, it's been so busy I forgot that I had a blog...almost.

Let's see...

I found out that I forgot to celebrate a major milestone that happened about a month ago.  

10,000 page views so far for the year.

Kind of wicked cool right?

I won't lie.  I am a little sorry I missed that, but the last month or so has been a little hectic around here.

I guess getting psyched up for a new baby, prepping for it, and dealing with the little rug-rat once it arrives kind of takes your mind off of all the other crap in life.

Who knew?

Anyway, just want to thank all of you awesome people for reading the crap I write and making me feel all loved and cool and popular and stuff!

Here's a few fun facts:

1.) People from 36 different countries view this blog on a fairly regular basis.

2.) On any given day more people from India will look at this blog than people from the USA, where I live.

3.) Mama Bear's post on DIY baby wipes, "Really Easy DIY Baby Wipes" is now this blogs most popular post.

4.)  More people have found this searching with the key words "nudies" and "sex problems" than the rest of the other search words that brought up my blog combined.

5.) Face Book is the top referring site, but And They Came Two by Two is a close second. 

Thank you all again for sticking around and reading about all the shenanigans we do here at J.D.a.D. and being part of the family.

P.s. There's only 10 days left to get in on the "Lunchbox Love" give away.  Make sure to toss your name into the electronic "hat" before it's too late!

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