Monday, July 23, 2012

Hand, Foot, and Mouth...Oh My!!!

Oh man, is there anything worse than a sick toddler?

Well, maybe a sick little baby, but, luckily, our littlest munchkin didn't catch the plague from his older brother. At least not yet.

No, Pizzly doesn't really have the plague. He has something called Coxsackie virus.  I guess it is more commonly known as 'Hand, foot, and Mouth' disease.

Anyway, it sounds worse than it really is, unless of course a child under two months old gets it.  Then it is down right terrifying because fevers and newborns don't mix all that well, and some seriously bad things can come of it.

Bur, like I said, we don't have to worry about that for the moment.

Basically, this Hand, foot, and mouth disease thing  starts out as a fever and eventually works its way into being a sore throat with blister like things on the hands, feet, and especially in the poor kids mouth.  

All this can understandably make a young one cranky.  It hurts when they drink, it hurts when they eat, and sometimes it hurts them enough so they just won't do either. Then you have problems.

Poor little Pizzmeister!  So far he has handled it like a little trooper, and is still eating and drinking, just not as much as he should.  Other than that, since his fever broke, he has been in relatively high spirits.

He's a tough little mighty mite!

And please, remember that it is never a good idea to visit a newborn when you have been around sick people or are sick yourself!!!

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