Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Really Easy DIY Baby Wipes

Well, Mama Bear pulled through for us.  She agreed to share her recipe of her ultra cool, home made baby wipes!

I hope you all appreciate the pains I had to go through in order to convince her to write this for us.  

Really Easy DIY Baby Wipes

You’ll need:

Baby Oil
Baby Wash
1 Roll Paper Towels *
Warm Water
Storage Container that is airtight ( I use gallon zip-lock bags)

* I like the selectable size type in a mid-range brand (Brawny or whatever). You can use whatever you like, but I don’t recommend the really cheap kinds. I tried them and they just fall apart once they are wet.


1) Pull the paper towels into sheets. I use the smallest “selectable” size. I also cut each towel in half (you can of course do a stack at once).

2) in a large container ( I use a big mixing bowl) mix 2 cups hot water with two teaspoons of  baby oil and 2 teaspoons of baby wash.  Brand does not matter, but I like the Johnson’s sleepytime stuff with lavender because it smells nice. Before Pizzle arrived I made this with unscented, dye-free baby wash to eliminate any chance for something to bother his skin.  

3) Place about ¼ of the cut paper towels into the solution, once saturated add ¼ more. Flip over and press towels (or better yet let you toddler do it) for complete saturation.*  Your wipes are now complete. Transfer to your storage container. Repeat with second half of paper towels.

* I like my wipes to be pretty moist, they work great for sticky newborn poopies and those “It’s EVERYWHERE” toddler poops. Feel free to adjust the liquid to paper towel ratio to your preference. My original recipe called for 2 cups water for the entire roll of towels, but I found that too dry.

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