Friday, June 1, 2012

No Park = Daddy Getting a Beat Down!

So, yesterday the boy threatened me with bodily harm should I fail in my attempt to convince Mama Bear to take him to the park.

Well, what can I say?  

I'm a failure!

Unfortunately, the boy is holding true to his threat.  He has been jumping on me and beating me up all morning.  I honestly thought I was out of trouble last night too because we took him to see Grammy and Grampy where they spoiled the sauce out of him, which is always a good time for him.

They even gave him a special treat to gnaw on, and he has enough of it to last for days!

Yes, that is rhubarb he is chewing on and enjoying.  It was the only thing in Grammy's garden that was ready to harvest, and it just happens to be one of the boy's favorite things to chew on. 

It's like candy to him.  Where normal kids enjoy something like a snickers bar, Pizzly would rather have a rhubarb stalk.  But, to be fair, he has never had chocolate before because Mama Bear is allergic to it and wants to wait until he can tell us if he is having an adverse reaction to it before we let him try it.

Until then, he is stuck eating non-chocolaty goodness, which   just strums Grammy and Grampy's sympathy strings, which is why they made sure that they gave Pizzly 25-30 stalks of rhubarb before we left for home last  night.  

He ended up tasting just about every stalk by the time we made it home.

Naturally, since he had so much fun there and even came home with enough rhubarb to satisfy him for a day or two, I thought he would be fine with not going to the park. 


So now, I have to deal with the consequences of my inability to talk Mama Bear into going to the park yesterday, which isn't exactly fun but still is in a weird kind of way.  Sure, he's been a holy terror all morning, but it is in the cheeky and fun kind of way.

Anyway, the only way to redeem myself is by making the rain stop and taking him to the park right now!  Other than that, I am facing one heck of a beat down.  Toddler style!

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