Thursday, June 21, 2012

Nasty Nasty Sun Block

Holy sweetness and cherry pie!  It's summer time and I am just realizing that right now!

Where have I been?

It seems like just the other day the boy and I were sledding, and now we are out and about picking peas and working in Grammy's garden, hauling water and mussing things up in general.  It's great!

The only thing about summertime that we aren't liking thus far is the applying of the dreaded sunblock. I hates it because I am so wicked furry!  Do you know how frustrating it is to apply SPF 60+ sunblock on fur?

It's terrible!

It's like trying to apply it on your scalp through all of your hair.  It just ain't happening unless you are balding.

Unfortunately, I am not balding.  In fact, I believe I am doing the opposite.  I have hair growing out of places that I didn't believe hair could grow before I had seen it for myself.  

There is hair growing from my eye lids!

It sucks!

I swear that I get a worse burn from trying to rub in the sunblock than I would if I just went without sunblock altogether, but I can't do that because I have had to have pieces of skin cut out of me that were supposedly "pre-cancerous" before.  

Since then, I don't take any chances.  The boy and his brother will need me for something eventually, and I want to be there and be healthy-ish when they do.

So, I will stick too lathering myself up with spf 60+ before I head out.  My only consolation is that the boy gets the same treatment.

Oh yeah, speaking of sun protection, did you know that when it is really hot and sunny out it is usually better to wear clothing that covers more of your body.  

Try it it works.  

I am not talking about wearing sweat shirts and jeans, but light colored, thin fabric long sleeve shirts and light weight pants.  

The fabric stops the damaging rays of the sun from directly touching your skin, and that keeps you cooler.

So, next time you guys are tempted to whip of your shirt to cool off on a sunny day try tossing on a long sleeved shirt instead.  It might surprise you.

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