Monday, June 25, 2012

Keeping it Cool and Getting Ready!

Why, yes, that is a beer being kept cool in a bottle cozy.

Why do I have a beer in a bottle cozy?

Because I don't want my beer to get warm.

I deserve to have a cold beer every now and again don't I?

Sure I do, but not because I have done anything specifically to earn it. I just like to keep my beer cold while I drink it. 

There is no crime in that.

Yes, I could drop a 16 ounce beer mug or two in the freezer, but that just seems a bit too pretentious for the likes of me. If I am going to pour beer into a glass it is going to be either poured from a tap or the beer is going to be poured into my monster mug that holds 32 ounces of whichever liquid you want to drink lots of. 

I find it is awesome for Lemonade.

Anyway, the Pizzmeister doesn't mind sharing a few of his old bottle cozies with me, and it amuses me greatly to use them for an unintended purpose.

Plus, it just looks ridiculous!

Oh, and in case you didn't know, Mama Bear is all preggers and stuff, so we have been busy little beavers getting ready for a second little rugrat to make it's appearance.  

We are both totally excited.  I am not so sure about the boy though.  He doesn't seem to care all that much yet, but I bet he will be as ecstatic as we are when two-zy comes home.  

I just can't wait!

It should be coming up pretty soon.

Mama Bear was having all sorts of contractions this weekend, and  not the crappy Braxton Hicks kind either.  It was the real deal, and I was getting hopeful that Two was going to come out and play, but no such luck. 

Soon though.

When he does decide to come out and play, I think we are pretty much ready for him.  Mama Bear and I spent the weekend bickering over things like putting the car seat in and rearranging the furniture to make room for the little squirt and doing whatever else we thought needed doing.

But, despite the bickering we have everything pretty much under control and ready to go.

Now, all there is to do is wait and sleep while we can if the Pizzmeister will let us.

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