Monday, June 18, 2012

9 Months Pregnant and in The Woods

This photo is a few weeks old.  Two-zy
has grown, but Mama bear is just as
Pretty still.
Holy Smacktastic!  Have we been busy wreaking havoc around here or what?

Well, not really.  

We have been doing our best to prep for Two-zy since on Tuesday Mama Bear will technically be full term.  Then all of her little contraction thingies won't scare me as much.

Gotta make sure that baby is fully baked before we yank him out of the oven you know?

Anyway, we've been doing our best to get things ready.  Well, really she has.  I have been slacking.  All I have really done is install an extra a/c unit and get rid of some books and stuff like that in an effort to make some room for the little bratling.

Oh yeah, I have also have begged the help of the Grand Parents for some ideas on how to make the new baby's arrival a special moment for the Pizzmeister too.

My mom and dad pulled through for me big time by finding an awesome R/C helicopter for him that the baby can bring home with him to give to Pizzly.  This little chopper has all sorts of bells and whistles and the boy can even fly it outside, which rocks.

This is a photo of a trail marker where we like to walk
with the boy
Other than that, we have pretty much been doing exactly what we have always been doing, going outside and getting dirty.

Both Mama Bear and I are fairly outdoorsy.  I mean she grew up in a house surrounded by woods, and I always kind of escaped to the outdoors to get away from people.

So, we frequently go out hiking, and it is kind of fun to see the reactions of other hikers when they see Mama Bear at 9 months pregnant walking along in the woods with the Pizzmeister either on her shoulders or running around like a maniac.

It's pretty cute!

Mama Bear holding a Liochlorophis vernalis
(Smooth green snake)
Anyway, yesterday we were out in the woods and happened to snag some critters to show the boy.

Boy, did he love this beautiful little snake.

It's a smooth green snake!  

These little buggers are insect eaters and were once really common, but, unfortunately, since there are so many pesticides out there they are not as common as they once were.  We were fortunate to find this little girl.

No sooner had we let this cutey go then we found another cute little critter.

Northern leopard frog striking a pose
This is a Northern Leopard Frog, and it was considerably harder to catch than the smooth green snake.

I ended up using my hat.

At first we were amazed to find this usually aquatic creature in a meadow, but after we identified it we weren't so surprised.  These frogs are also called grass frogs because of their propensity to visit meadows and woodlands near permanent bodies of water.

The Pizzmeister, Mama Bear and I were super excited to see him and the smooth green snake.  It gave us an opportunity to teach the  boy a little about wildlife, and to show off Mama Bears small critter wrangling skills.

Here's a few more photos of the Smooth Green Snake:

P.s.  I assure that these little critters were not harmed in any way, and were release in the exact location where we found them.

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