Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Wednesday's Weigh In?.....How 'Bout No!

Well, I totally forgot that today is Wednesday.  Usually, as part of my weekly routine I would hop on the scale and see what my weight is, but I am not going to do that today.


Because I don't feel like it that's why!

No, seriously.  I just don't feel like it, so instead I am going to continue doing what I have been doing today, which is acting like today is my birthday too.

Yeah, I like that.

I get to have two days of birthday goodness...just because.

So, while the laundry is in the dryer and the dishes are air drying I am going to continue eating popcorn like I have been doing all day, and I am going to continue flying our rc helicopters with the boy.  Then maybe I will vacuum the floor again before Mama Bear gets home.

She'll never know how lazy I have been...unless of course she reads this.

In that case, I am screwed.

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