Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Wednesday's Weigh In

Well, I was pretty optimistic about at least losing a little weight since last Wednesday.  I mean I went on a death march after all.  

That has to count for something.

Well, apparently, it counts for nothing.  I still weigh exactly the same, which means I haven't lost any weight since 4/11/12.  

Not too cool.

I must be doing something wrong.  Since, I stepped up the exercise a little this week the problem is either what I am eating or the quantity. 

Granted, I did over eat yesterday, and I have been eating a lot of junky bread.  I am willing to bet that if I cut out the bread that will make a huge difference...maybe.

I guess we'll have to wait and see next week.

It's too bad.  I could have used a win today too after yesterday's grocery trip when some frat boy decided that it was funny to ridicule people because of their weight, physical deformities, or because they have something like Down's Syndrome.

Yeah, this guy was real classy!

Not only did he call me fat and ridicule me in front of the boy, he also mocked an entire group of people who had a variety of conditions ranging from Autism to Down Syndrome.

Not awesome!

He's probably the type of ass to take pictures of people at Walmart and then post them at that atrocious site, which has been bullying people for years too.

It must be nice to be so fortunate and privileged that you have nothing to be self-conscious of and have nothing that anyone could hurt you and ridicule you about.

If only we were all as "special" and fortunate.

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