Thursday, May 17, 2012

Mothers or Fathers? Who cares? Both are Parents!

Most of the time, whenever you read anything about parenting it is polarized; moms here and dads there.  But, what a lot of us fail to realize is that decent parenting is gender-less, making the whole mom versus dad thing totally irrelevant.

Anything I can do, Mama Bear can do and vice-versa...well, almost anything.  There are a few exceptions, but that doesn't make either one of us less important than the other.

Yet, I get the distinct feeling that most don't see it that way.

Well, to be honest, I don't know what most people think about parenting roles because I don't care to ask them, but based on the parenting books, blogs, and, of course, the worthless parenting magazines that I read or have read there seems to be a very real sense of onesidedness when it comes to parenting roles and which role, the mother's or the father's, is the most legitimate.  

Maybe, I'm wrong, but I think the gender of a parent is unimportant.  A parent is a parent is a parent is a parent regardless of sex.  

A good parent is irreplaceable whether mother or father.  Neither is better.  Neither is worse.  Both have important parts to play, and there is no reason these roles can't overlap each other.

In my house, daddy and mommy can both kiss booboos away, and mommy and daddy can both rotate the tires on the truckster.  

We don't abide by all this gender stereotype crappola, and I don't think we are the only family that is like this!

As a parent, you get what needs to be done...done!  Whether it be doing the dishes, laundry, mowing the lawn, cooking dinner, working on the alphabet, potty training, or what have you.  If it needs doing, we do it.  

With one obvious exception, nothing about being a parent has to be gender specific.  So, why even ask who is better?

Mothers or Fathers?  Who cares?  Both are Parents!

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