Thursday, May 31, 2012

It's About Raising Your Kid the Best You Can.

This morning as the boy and I have been lazing around watching trucks on the television, I have been thinking, which is generally a bad idea and a dangerous thing for me to do.

Not really.

But, it seems like there is a lot going on to think about lately, and I have a tendency to over think things to the point of crazyness.  

As you may know, we're going to be having a little boy arrive in a month or so.  That means we have to get cracking on a few things.  You know the typical "you're going to have another brat hanging around" type of stuff.

And, in order to help me prepare for the arrival of this kid I have been reading up on all the latest vaccine "news" and all the latest on breastfeeding and parenting trends and what not.  

Basically, that means that I have just been reading a bunch of junky articles and getting wickedly annoyed.

It seems that there are a whole helluvalot of people out there that are particularly invested in persuading me into falling into line behind them and their parenting methods, and I get the overwhelming sense that if I don't do so they'll think I am an idiot.

Why does it have to be like this?

What is causing so many people to be so damn militant these days?

It's almost like being in high school again. There are all of these different parenting cliques that have this "all or nothing" feel to them, and that makes it hard to be a moderate parent who subscribes to no hard and fast parenting method because, apparently, in parenting there is no such thing as compromise.

It's an either you are or you aren't type of thing.  Anything in between is unrecognizable or worse, viewed as being a sell out.

There is no room for those that occasionally formula feed their baby at the breastfeeders only lunch table.  You either breastfeed your kid exclusively for years or you are a loser!  

Needless to say, you certainly cannot vaccinate your children and fit in with the anit-vaxer crowd at all either.  That would be akin to the "Sharks" and the "Jets" having a civil conversation that didn't just end up with each side dance fighting each other into oblivion. 

There's also no room for conversation between the spankers and non-spankers or between the ferberizers and attachment parents.  In my mind, attempting to do so would be very similar to that one time in college when they had an evolution vs intelligent design debate.  

All that resulted in was a massive tantrum where the intelligent design people just spouted random bible versus while the evolution people repeatedly cried "That's illogical!"

Needless to say, neither side won the debate since it descended into a giant, name calling, hissy fit where neither side said anything intelligent.

Sounds like a typical high schooler style argument right?

So, also like in high school, a lot of decent folks, now decent parents, who do not fit into any specific category are cast off to the outer edges looking in, feeling guilty about their choices and confused because they don't "fit in" anywhere. 


I guess Mom's and Dad's like me will never be cool, but that's fine because so far as I am concerned that's not the point anyway.

Being a great parent has nothing to do with being trendy or cool or "fitting in."

It's about raising your kid the best you can.

You can stick to your teenage guns.  I think I'll keep my parenting ones thank you!


  1. "You either breastfeed your kid exclusively for years or you are a loser" Really?

    1. Heck yeah for realz!

      Some of the most judgmental people I know are parents, and that is exactly the kind of vibe I have picked up on from many of them.