Friday, May 11, 2012

Early Mother's Day Gift!

Well, thanks to Mama Bear, Pizzly is now scared of bugs, and boy does that suck!

To be fair he's not scared of just any bug.  He's only afraid of spiders, and to him all bugs are spiders.

Yes, I totally blame Mama Bear for this since she hates spiders.  Every time she sees one in the house she gets a little frazzled and has to kill it immediately, so now, naturally, Pizzly thinks spiders are evil or something, and this morning he started crying hysterically because he saw an ant and thought it was a spider.

Now, he refuses to leave my lap, and doesn't want to go outside because that's where spiders live.

Thank you Mama Bear!  This is so not awesome!

And, to think that we spent hours yesterday buying and making your early Mother's Day gift because we love you so much.

Yes, the boy and I gave Mama Bear her Mother's day gift early because it was such a pain in the ass, and we didn't want to spend all day Sunday putting it together, so we did it yesterday instead.

What was it?

Cellular blinds, which were easy to put up themselves, but moving all the furniture away from the windows and removing the old blinds, curtains, and all the fixtures took forever.  Add to that having a toddler help clean the windows and walls around the window openings, and you have a TASK on your hands.

This is the best photo I could muster because I am lazy,
and because the blinds are light filtering, which makes
it hard to photograph them because the flash on my
camera won't go off.  They let a lot of light in.
It's super nice to not need to turn the lights on.
Our goal was to get it all done by the time Mama Bear got home from work.  Luckily, she was a few minutes late because we finished just in time.

Then we waited to see how long it would take her to notice that the nasty old broken blinds were gone and replaced with snazzy, new cellular blinds.

It took about 15 minutes, and when she noticed she didn't seemed too thrilled, which wasn't what I was expecting....bummer!

It turns out that she was upset that I spent the money I was supposed to use to buy a pressure washer for myself on blinds for her.

I tried to explain to her that it was more important to me that she gets the blinds she wants than for me to get a pressure washer.  I guess that wasn't what she wanted to hear!

After a long day of shopping and home improvement,
Pizzly needed a nap, and the box the pressure
washer came in was a perfect little house
to sleep in I guess.
So, we ended up going out to get me a...Mother's Day present too?

What the hell?

Yeah, I'm confused too, but I knew better than to argue about it since she seemed pretty adamant.

That means this weekend our little house is going to get a bath!

The boy reading a birthday card my parents gave me while
sitting in his new pressure washer box house.
Cute little bugger isn't he?
So...Happy Mother's Day everybody!!!

P.s. What is really quite baffling about these cellular blinds is that more light enters the room when they are closed than when they are open.  It is pure witch craft I tell you!

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