Thursday, May 24, 2012

Badges! We Don't Need No Stinking Badges!!!

Well, yesterday, on a whim, I developed my first set of honorary badges to be sent out to people and blogs that I feel deserve some special recognition.

Now, that recognition can be both good or bad I guess.  It can be a "Hey, You're awesome and brightened my day by just being you." kind of thing, or it can be a "Hey, you're really kind of an ass!" kind of thing.

Either way it's recognition for something, and there will be more badges of honor eventually.

So far there are two:

This badge is meant as a way to tell blog people that they are appreciated, and that we here at Dizzy Dad headquarters want to show them some love!

These are blogs that routinely makes us feel good, make us laugh, and have us smirking at their general sauciness!

The recipients of the "Cheeky and fun!" badge thus far are Life with Levi, How's the Soup?, Tork's Blog, and The Domestic Goddess.

These are all awesome blogs and I seriously suggest giving them a read or a listen.

This next badge is basically for anyone who we feel deserve it, and it is pretty self-explanatory.

Thus far, there are only two recipients, but there are millions of nominees to sift through still, so don't let the number 2 fool you, and they are...

Rich, from How's The Soup?, for intentionally provoking me on my Face Book page, like I was going to let that slide, by insisting on adding a "Just Sayin," knowing full well that that particular qualifier enrages me.

And, the second recipient of this not-so-coveted award is none other than my beloved smother who threatened to tell my wife that I am a ne'er-do-well, like she doesn't know this about me already.  

But, alas, since you threatened me with this on my Face Book page mother, I believe wholeheartedly that you also deserve this not-so-coveted distinction.  

Cherish this moment!

Feel free to nominate other blogs for the "Cheeky and Fun!" badge, and I will do my best to read and review each nomination.

We here at Dizzy Dad HQ are also accepting nominations for the "I'm an Ass!"  badge, but this distinction is only given out to those few we deem worthy of it.  To ensure your nominee has the best chance of receiving such a distinction please include why you believe they deserve it.

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